Swinger Club Memberships

Joining a swingers club is a great way to explore and express your sexuality with your partner. A membership will allow you to access the club including special events. It will also ensure your safety as well as the safety of the other members. Here’s what you should know about swingers club memberships.

What They Require

Other than the cost of the membership, certain information will need to be obtained before one can get a membership. Since swingers clubs are all about sex and commonality within the community, safety is a concern. The club will want to ensure their members safety, so they will ask for identifying information before a membership is granted. Some clubs only require a government issued ID and a current address, and others will run a background check to ensure no history of sexual violence has been documented.


Most swingers clubs will charge for a membership, but others only charge for the events. Many clubs will also have different levels of memberships available. The basic memberships will allow you access to the clubs, but you will have to pay for the individual events. Higher memberships may include access to some of the events, and discounts on the larger events held. With your membership you are provided a safe place to practice swinging, full security, and amenities such as towels and condoms. Some allow you to bring in alcohol, and others will provide a bar depending on the legalities of the town they are located in.

Going To A Swingers Club As A Couple

Going to a swingers club as a couple is a great way to explore your sexuality with other couples. It can also be a great way to find a third to join if you want to try a threesome. Those that want to experience exhibitionism or voyeurism will also enjoy a swingers club. If you are going to a club for the first time, here’s what you can expect.

Take It In

Before you decide on what you want to do, you should spend a little time walking around to see what everything is about. You may have gone in with the idea of soft swinging, but decide to participate after you see some other action. Also take some time to get to know the other people there. You may have only wanted to add a third to your activity, but the right couple could allow you to explore more openly.

Choosing Others

As a couple it’s important to keep the lines of communication open. The decision to add other singles or couples to your activities should be a joint decision. Talk to others, then meet up with your partner to discuss. This will ensure that both of you are on the same page and can enjoy everything fully.

Ground Rules

Make sure you have ground rules set up before you start playing. This way if one partner isn’t comfortable with something it won’t become awkward or start a fight later. If you want to change a rule, don’t do it hastily or in front of others. Instead, take your partner to the side and discuss it without other couples around. This takes the pressure off the situations and allows both parties to be open regarding their feelings.

Do I Have To Play At A Swingers Club?

Swingers clubs are known for open sex and exploration. Many people and some swingers are intimidated by this idea and choose not to go. First timers can become very nervous, and the idea of having to participate can be enough to deter them from trying the experience. Most clubs are open with couples who don’t want to participate though.

First Timers

Many clubs will cater to first timers. This means those who have never been to a swingers club will be given a tour, and treated with white gloves. Since most swingers recognize that first timers can be very nervous they will be open and comforting during the experience. After all, every one in the lifestyle has been a first timer at some point. First timers are not expected to play, and are welcome to just walk around, engage with others, and check things out.


Voyeurs are welcome at swingers clubs as well, with a few rules. If a door is closed, you should not enter unless you’ve been invited. It’s also expected that you announce your intentions when you meet others. This will eliminate any awkwardness later if you are invited to join. Many couples prefer to practice soft swinging – or just watching other couples.

Closed Swinging

Other couples will play, but only with one another. The excitement of being in the club and seeing all the open exploration can be a turn on. This is also perfectly acceptable, but again, your intentions should be made clear when you meet other couples. Not letting other couples know you intend on only playing with your partner can get you the reputation of being creeps.